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Case Study: Social Media Manager for International Tax Prep Company

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Influencing a wide range of people is crucial for social media managers. Educating, informing, and catching the audience's attention can only provide immense value.

However, picking the right target audience can only bring in more subscribers, sales, and converters. Social media management for a service business can be much different compared to a fashion company.

Below is the process of me running the social media pages for GKM, an international tax prep company whose main office resides in India.

Before: What Was The Problem?

GKMs presence on social media was vague without any long-term goals. Although Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were active, there was no content strategy in place,

The company wanted more outreach to accounting and tax firms because that's their primary target audience.

So what was GKM's key goal? To create content that informs and educates the reader leading them to set up an appointment with one of GKM's tax representatives (primary CTA).

After: The Solution

My content marketing plan

A marketing firm reached out to me asking to take over the entire content plan for all social media platforms. I created a complete content marketing plan with dates, campaign names, topics of each post, and social media platforms.

Every Sunday, I created content for the upcoming week using Hootsuite. The platform allowed me to write content related to one of the big four topics GKM provided.

I was able to use an Instagram hashtag research platform to increase views and engagement for each post. Canva was also one of my primary tools. I was able to create beautiful Instagram posts using a consistent design (GKM's core colors).

After a few weeks, I had a meeting with the content marketing agency. We needed to implement the following tasks to reach a more targeted audience and increase engagement:

  • Promote select posts each week on Instagram

  • · Promote posts on Facebook using Facebook Ad Manager

  • · Reach out to a white label company to execute an outreach strategy on LinkedIn.

The results were incredible! Shown below is the key takeaway from the strategy.

Analysis/Key Takeaway

I created a social media plan that improved engagement in targeted ways. I was able to bring more than 60 followers and more coming in through my targeted campaigns.

My results also helped me reach about 40% of the target audience. The execution of the strategy was recent. More positive results are supposed to come to fruition soon.

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