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Case Study: Minority Mindset

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Break It Down and Solve the Problem

I created content for the blog “Minority Mindset,” which helps educate individuals on the nuances of personal finance, investing, and retirement.

Fun Fact: Did you know about 63% of Americans are confused about how a 401(K) works?

Whether the person wants to stay abreast on top stock market news or is just beginning their investment journey, what better way to educate someone through sharp content?

My focus is to help people in the best possible manner, which is why I reached out to Minority Mindset. The editor and I had a great relationship which in turn allowed me to create excellent content.

As we discussed topics, I came up with a solution to their problem: educate people on the basics of stock market investing. The twist? To explain it as if I was explaining it to a 7-year-old. I had to break it down in a simple manner.

Take, for example, my one article, “How to Value a Stock.” Many people can be confused about the framework behind the stock valuation.

The best way to unwind that confusion for better success?

Use analogies to add flare to the story. Instead of sounding boring and monotone, I wanted the reader to perk up and read with conviction.

The result after my time with Minority Mindset? They could reach more followers on LinkedIn, as my posts received 10x more likes than the average article they usually posted.

The main takeaway: No matter what the story or topic, breaking down topics for easy understanding can improve engagement and trust.

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