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Helping Novel Investors With Better Investment Strategies

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Helping individuals with their investments is the best feeling in the world. However, when it comes to individuals who want to enhance their assets, it feels fantastic to help.

I had the chance to guide novel investors to the world of investing – but more strategically.

The target audience I had to reach were those aged 55+ who had the following criteria:

- Already financially stable (net worth: $400,000 +).

- Familiar with investing but wanted to broaden their portfolio strategies.

- Open to new investment strategies such as diversification, employing dividends, and buying call options.

Many people age 55+ want to find ways to boost their income, so when retirement is around the corner, they do not have to worry.

What is the best way to reach such an audience?

SEO was a necessary skill set that I was able to learn during my time with this client. A vital tool called Clearscope helped generate a better presence online. Something I did outside the project's scope was to create a set of keywords related to what Clearscope offers.

Every week, I was crafting articles surrounding buying call options, how diversification can enhance people's portfolios, educate individuals on dividend dates, and many more topics.

The company creates newsletters for investors. Some newsletters include signing up to receive more education on options. Another newsletter gave investors more information on dividend investing.

The CTA, or call to action, led the reader to sign up for the newsletters.

Result? After three of my articles, readers were signing up for two crucial newsletters. Many people were beginning to implement those investment strategies within their portfolios.

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