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Powerful & Eloquent Writing

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Conversion copywriting helps me write compelling and engaging content for the reader. Again, my main focus is to help the reader become the best version of themselves and add value to their lives.

Working as a conversion copywriter is my "go-to"! I want to feel the customer's emotions. I want to feel what they feel so I can understand them on a deeper level. I helped out the blog "Budgeting Couple," which provides individuals with actionable advice on saving and making money.

One article I created was titled "Best Budget-Friendly Keto Grocery Staples."

The problem? Many people impulsively buy groceries resulting in overspending, and they spend money on unhealthy food. How can we add a solution to this problem?

The persuasive copy was necessary to grab the readers' attention on healthy foods through a keto perspective and ways to sign up for money-saving apps such as Ibotta and Instacart.

The benefits were tremendous by adding backlinks for individuals to read about the healthy foods listed in the article.

The result of this well-crafted copy piece? There were 232 shares on Pinterest and a significant influx of organic traffic following the article.

Key takeaway: By producing a well-rounded article that targets people's emotions all while benefiting their life in some way through the use of eloquent words can benefit your business and its brand.

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